Facial Care Pack
Facial Care Pack

Facial Care Pack

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Pair up Fair + Square Daily detox facial soap with one of our Luffa scrub pads as part of your facial care regime.

Scrub Pad
Scrub pad for facial peeling or for treating tattooed skin.
Made of a unique variety of luffa achieved by Iberluffa after many years of botanical research with a softness that makes them suitable for the facial sensitive and delicate skin providing a gentle exfoliation.

Stimulates blood circulation.
Reduce blackheads.
Prevents capillary cysts.
Therapeutic properties thanks to the unique treatment in natural sulphurous geothermal hot springs (which in addition makes the luffa mould resistant).
Natural sponge for a gentle exfoliation and immediate skin hydration thanks to the natural high content of Cucurbitacin C.

Daily Detox Soap
Especially good for acne, perfect for either body or face. A lovely blend of lavender, tea tree, rosemary and clary sage essential oils, shea butter and cocoa butter provide ample moisturising for a truly luxurious wash. This soap also has deactivated charcoal, which is wonderful for absorbing any impurities, washing them away with ease.