• Image of Heart Healing: 13 Principles of Emotional Self Healing

Have you spent a lifetime thinking you are unlovable, unworthy and undeserving?

No one can live a life of freedom and fulfilment when weighed down by the constant barrage of ego dialogue.

What is the meaning behind the repeating patterns of pain in your life? Repeating pain is your soul’s request for healing.
Within these pages you will find thirteen principles that will allow you to self-heal and escape your repeating patterns and finally create the life your heart longs for.

Heart Healing: 13 Principles of Emotional Self Healing was born from experience. Author Lysa Black knows emotional healing is a process of reclaiming the truth of who we are and she helps to teach women how to heal their own hearts. Her pain showed up in eating disorders, job-jumping and break-ups and her suffering was an invitation to lovingly turn within. Lysa learnt to reconnect with past experiences where the wounds were initially forged. She bravely addresses the lies at the root of her heart wounds and healed the underlying cause of her struggle with food, love and life.

Lysa’s nurturing, gentle manner creates an atmosphere of trust and hope, which allows her clients to quickly receive the insights to open and unfurl. During her years of heart coaching experience, she has successfully helped hundreds of women heal the recurring patterns in their lives.

If you want the insight and clarity to heal the cause of your repeating patterns, please join her today. This book opens the door for you to return to the joy of living from your soul. You will know you have healed because of the emotional shift you experience. It is no different than a physical injury; once a heart wound is healed, it stops hurting.