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Inspired Wellness for Business

Introducing Darlene - your  “Inspired Wellness Mentor”

Darlene Pearks has a background in Corporate Management, her strengths firmly land in supporting professionals to find the most effective way to keep themselves as well as their teams to be motivated, productive, and happy.

After starting a family, it was time for Darlene to follow her passion which is helping others be their best.  She is a strong advocate for wellness, not because she is perfectly well but because of her firsthand knowledge and clear understanding of how overwhelm and burnout.


Darlene is the owner of two businesses based in wellness:

Darlene Pearks - Finding your true authentic self.

Mood Skin & Soul – Produces Organic Natural products including body scrubs that she handcrafts herself.

Throughout her career she has supported others to understand what wellness is and how to easily make it a focus in their busy schedule.   She knows that workplaces can be stressful, but this does not mean that the team needs to be stressed.

It became obvious during her career that productivity was linked to wellness and overall happiness.  Wellness is something that Darlene is extremely passionate about because she believes that to thrive and succeed wellness is essential.


How Inspired Wellness can work for you

Everyone’s wellbeing is important but often it is the last thing that we focus on or, we believe that when we “have more time” we can be “more kind” to ourselves.

Including Wellness in the workplace and turning it into a team building exercise is a smart use of company time.

“Inspired Wellness” objectives:

A Happy Workplace

A Productive Team

An Inspiring environment

Develop a roadmap full of tools, for continuing wellness with your organization

Provide a Safe space – confidentiality is guaranteed

A group approach committing to wellness


Value to your business:

Team loyalty

A company culture that cares

Happier workplace and team members

Less absences

Increased productivity


Positive workplace reputation – Be the workplace of choice

More likely to attract new talent



It can be quite easy and effortless with the right guidance; all you need to do is offer up the time and space…let Darlene do the rest.

Darlene will create the space for “buy in” from your team and encourage the team to be accountable.

As you know team morale is so important for a healthy workplace, this is one of the cornerstones of any business success.  Having a team that can work together in an inspired and motivating environment will increase productivity and team retention.


A well team is a strong team.


Inspired Wellness Business Package for your team

This is a in house program designed to be run over 12 weeks and it includes:

Half Day Workshop, Monthly Wellness Focus, One on One wellness Mentoring session, access to Darlene weekly through Facebook support group or similar.

Half Day Workshop

This team building workshop is delivered by Darlene and dives into the world of wellness, what it means to everyone personally and professionally.

Participants are guided through a series of activities that helps them to understand themselves better.  Explore ways to create a workday that is balanced in productivity and wellness.   Being productive is not only great for our business but it makes us feel good as individuals.  Looking after our wellness and being aware of how we can help ourselves assists us with leaving work each day feeling like we have accomplished something positive.

This workshop also includes a healthy delicious lunch.

Monthly Focus

 When we make positive changes to our habits the hardest thing can be staying motivated long enough, that the new change becomes a habit of ease.

Darlene will run a in house monthly focus for three months, she will then leave you a “ideas bank” of several other challenges you can run after this time.  Or you can hire Darlene to return and run them for you!

The idea around the monthly focus is to help your workplace employees create some new habits that are beneficial to their overall wellbeing.  Everyone gets to participate, and they are easy to follow. 

Examples are:  

Healthier Choices

Increased movement 10k challenge, 

Daily affirmations,

Increase water intake,

Pause breaks, Chair movement to relieve tension

One on One Wellness Mentoring

Each team member will have a one on one wellness mentoring session with Darlene to create a wellness plan specifically for them.  This will consist of 1 x 1 hour in the beginnings and 1 x 30min session towards the end of the 12 weeks

Darlene will assist each team member to keep personal plans alive by providing accountability and creating a team environment of support.

Facebook group support group (or similar)

You won't be left in the dark, Darlene is available to assist your workplace to stay motivated so they can put their wellness first.  There will be a special online faceboook group set up where inspiration, reminders, highs, and lows can all be shared, and support given.

Inspired Wellness business package – Your Investment:


Base Price is $2999.00 plus $275 per employee