Inspired Wellness

 Inspired Wellness Mentoring with Darlene

Our wellness and how we feel are so important if we want to enjoy our lives.  When we live a life that leaves us feeling stressed out and unable to cope we can feel like there is no way out.

We can be left feeling like we can't think straight and are not sure where we are wanting to go or what is holding us back.  

Things can feel a bit stuck and even heavy, its OK to experience these feelings, and everyone does from time to time..including me!  But we do not have to stay there, we can learn how to stop stop cycling over the same ground so we can break free and achieve our dreams.

Working with Darlene will help you to understand where you are currently and where you would like to go from here.   When you are able to give yourself the space to listen to your heart and be truthful about how you feel, you can begin to see what needs to be healed and why.

Once these are brought to light and seen clearly this then gives us clarity to see what is holding us back.

Client feedback

"She is extremely understanding and wonderfully easy to discuss issues with.  Gently points you in the right direction, unlocks blocks and shows ways of tackling and dealing with the hard issues.

I am more confident about my direction; I have passion I lost years ago and have learnt how to deal with negativity.

...I recommend that you speak with Darlene, especially if you find it hard speaking openly to people in general, she has an insight that is very refreshing and calmly.


If you are ready to take the next step you can contact Darlene 021 1433316 or schedule a free 15min chat online to see how she can help you.